parents and kids

        Parents and their love for us

                                                         -MEERA KAPOOR

Hello everyone, today I would like to talk about a very common issue which teenagers like me face in this phase of life. we all often get upset and angry on why our parents always tend to speak against us but we never understand that why they do this. we all are going through the same phase of life even I am but there are times when I actually realize that my parents are not wrong, in fact they can never be wrong but it’s our mindset or we can say our way of judging the situation that we think our parents are wrong. Being our parents they at least want us to be on a safe side rather facing the difficult world with difficulty. It’s true that they put restrictions on us but this doesn’t mean that they do it because they enjoy it but because they know where we stand and what is right for us and what is not. sharing my experience I would say that even I have faced all this and I am facing it but at this point of time I know that I am wrong if I question them.

One more fact that troubles us is that there are some parents maybe our friends’ parents who give more liberty to their children as compared to us. This doesn’t make our parents wrong but this can happen because their parents maybe that open and maybe our parents are more possessive for us. We can either think our parents are wrong or stay with one more pressure or just simply can think that maybe the love us so much that they don’t want us to face the harsh world and get defeated. There are situations where parents don’t understand us but this can never happen that our parents are not letting us live our life. My father once said “it’s your life and it’s in  your hands whether to make it or spoil it. you will always find enjoyment in your life if you try achieving your carrier but if you lose this golden chance which your life has given you then you will have nothing but regret.” even I used to think why is he telling me this but today when I face the harsh world I realize why he says that to me.  When today also I talk to him about this he says “you are in tenth and have that golden chance with you it’s still not late but it will be if you don’t do anything about it.

It’s all in our hands whether we want to face the world being prepared to or just wanted to fall every time and cry for our decisions. trust me they are parents, they have given birth to us and they know that where we stand and they will always be there for us even if we fall in our life but don’t you all think instead of falling every time we listen to our parents and actually face it at first attempt? there are going to be situations in which you will cry, feel defeated but don’t give up because if you give up then you will have nothing to try for and I am sure no one is ready o get defeated. Are you?




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